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Keep Up With Everything Pop Culture With Our TV & Movies Newsletter,29 Jul 2019 in Blog

Find the next show to binge, or discover a new movie everyone’s talking aboutView Entire Post › Read More

Weird New Kinds Of Cocaine Could Start A “Hidden Epidemic” Of Health Threats,29 Jul 2019 in Blog

“The big problem is we aren’t testing for these cutting agents, and chronic health problems [they cause] by their nature

I Went To Jake Paul And Tana Mongeau’s Wedding And It Was Really Fucking Weird,29 Jul 2019 in Blog

It was in the middle of a Las Vegas mall, Paul smeared cake all over the floor, and the couple

10 Offbeat Stories You Might Have Missed This Week (7/27/19),29 Jul 2019 in Blog

Now that the weekend is here, why not sit down, relax, and catch up on the stranger stories that hit

,29 Jul 2019 in Blog

A great summary of what remains of Carmelo Anthony’s career. Read More

,29 Jul 2019 in Blog

I am having an allergic reaction to the idea that those monsters at Trump rallies are Americans. I desperately want

RSS 2.0 breakage fixes,29 Jul 2019 in Blog

Here’s a list of files that were updated to fix broken links. Under each item is a list of changes.

,29 Jul 2019 in Blog

I’m sorry when I hear Boris on the news my mind immediately snaps to Yeltsin, not Johnson. I wonder if

,29 Jul 2019 in Blog

I haven’t watched the last two seasons of Orange Is The New Black. Can I watch season 7 which was

,29 Jul 2019 in Blog

I’m working on getting Scripting News to publish via email every night. You’ll get everything that I wrote in the