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Posted on: January 6, 2022

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Today, the first of the month, is rollover day in my blog. I do it on the first of the month.

I have done the usual ritual:

  • Put my December sub-outline it its own file in the GitHub repo.
  • Emptied out my main blog.opml file.
  • Ran a one-line script to remove all references to blog.opml in the index. (See below.)
  • Pinged Daytona to index the archived outline. Now Daytona has been rolled over.
  • Drummer bloggers, you should do something similar when you roll over your blog.opml file.
  • I added a couple of posts to the empty blog.opml outline, which triggered triggered an indexing of blog.opml by Daytona.
  • Verified that both the old and new stuff is in the index.
  • Continue blogging until February 1.

Here's the code I ran in Drummer to do the rollover in Daytona.

  • daytona.removeOutlineRefs ("")
  • ("")

PS: More rollover. I had to add rollover to the code in And verify that the GitHub archive of our tweets rolled over at the beginning of the year. For example, here's the folder that holds the archive of my tweets. You can see there's now a sub-folder for 2022, alongside the one from 2021.

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