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Mailchimp testing results,09 Aug 2019 in Blog

Larry Yudelson, a longtime reader of this blog has a commercial Mailchimp account and offered to let me use it

,09 Aug 2019 in Blog

I tried something interesting, an audio response to a tweet. Enclosed here as a podcast. It’s so twisted. But listen

It helps to know something,09 Aug 2019 in Blog

TL;DR — everyone in tech could benefit from a semester of Computer Science, to help them understand how the products

,09 Aug 2019 in Blog

The Russians/Republicans must want Americans killing each other in mass murders. The NRA can’t be the only reason, in fact,

Preparing for 25 years,09 Aug 2019 in Blog

On October 7, this blog will have existed and been continually updated for 25 years. There were times I took

,09 Aug 2019 in Blog

I read a story about the survivors of the Las Vegas massacre and it opened my eyes. We don’t even

,09 Aug 2019 in Blog

Dear future-of-news people. Please pay attention to what Beto did with the journalists. That’s what a real public editor would

,09 Aug 2019 in Blog

Two Democratic presidential candidates said historic things in the last week, but they have mostly gone unnoticed or misunderstood. Pete

,09 Aug 2019 in Blog

Just for fun, I did a countdown page showing how long Scripting News has been running, assuming it started at

Linux Journal wind-down,09 Aug 2019 in Blog

Today comes news that Linux Journal is shutting down. They say they’ll be able to keep the archive online for