Posted on: January 6, 2022

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I still wish Amazon would sell app-accessible storage to users. It would be as big a breakthrough as S3 was in 2006. Actually it'd be more like the introduction of the floppy disk to the Apple II in 1978 or so. Really it's amazing how long this niche has been left unfilled. User-owned storage that their apps can use, provided by Amazon please. It has to be Amazon. I understand finally that's what all the web3 michegas is about. The Blockchain vendors insist they have the solution to this festering sore of a problem. Of course tehcnologically -- far from it. But for some reason Amazon has been unwilling to fill the need. I think rushing to one form of storage rather than providing a cloneable API is foolish. We can have it all, and we should insist on it.
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