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Posted on: February 22, 2019

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I responded to a tweet by Sarah Kenzdior re normalcy bias, which was right on, with an observation that we feel disempowered. We don't think we can do anything to change, so we don't do anything.

I forwarded this to my file for the ISOJ conference, with a comment.

  • Bottom line -- paying $100 a year to the NYT doesn't do it for me. I have to do more. And the NYT is totally part of the problem. They do actually post a lot of fake news. It's so screwed up that Trump actually is right about this. I'm not saying the Times can or should change, I don't think they can. But I also don't accept that all I can do is sit on the sidelines and watch the world descend deeper into the abyss. These conferences tend to generate their own reality, as does the news industry. Problem is that reality is getting further and further from what's actually happening.

Timothy Snyder has good advice about this. Invest in local news. And btw, I have a lot more to invest than money. We have to get more going here than us giving money to reporters who don't listen to us. That's basically the answer the news industry has for me. Give us money. Well you have to do better than that.

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