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Posted on: March 24, 2019

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I just drove back upstate from the city, listened to two hours of NPR. They had a jerk talk nonsense about the Mueller report, about how it exonerates Trump. They just let him go on and on, never interrupting to say hey you're full of shit. Then an hour later they had Jill Wine-Banks and she was making so much sense, but they had to cut her off mid-sentence to go to an interview with a musician. This radio listener was pissed. After so much repetitive drivel, finally someone who knows the subject, who's had some time to process, is laying it out, and they have to cut her off?

Meanwhile, whatever the Mueller report says or doesn't say, we all witnessed his obstruction of justice in the interview with Lester Holt, and if you saw his press conference in Helsinki, you understand that Trump is controlled by Putin. We don't need a report to tell us any of that. If journalism is writing the first draft of history why aren't they writing that?

PS: I tried listening to this morning's Daily podcast about the Mueller announcement, and realized finally that their reporters are really dull. They don't find this stuff interesting, they just namedrop and repeat bullshit they heard somewhere as gospel.

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