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Posted on: February 22, 2019

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When a link goes to a paywall site, indicate that clearly on the tweet. Even better, give me a filter so I don’t have to see them.

Then, a couple of interesting observations...

  • David Teicher: "Or, let me pay like $.25 to access that one article directly thru twitter. Split the revenue with the publisher"
    • This is an interesting idea. Not sure I'd go for it. But Twitter might have the Netflix-for-News platform. I honestly had never thought of this.
  • Dennis Kennedy: "I try not to retweet links to articles that are on paywall or subscription sites, or that I know will run a reader through an ad maze to try to read the article. I, too, wish an automatic marking of these kinds of sites was a feature on Twitter."
    • I responded: "Interestingly if they were marked, you wouldn't mind passing on the link. I know I would. I post links to NYT stories, knowing I might be costing people some of their free stories. I'd do it more often if readers were properly warned."

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