Don’t feed the Trump, 2018 version


Posted on: January 10, 2018

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George Lakoff, Berkeley linguist, is finally behing heard, and this is good. But not widely enough imho. Here's a Twitter thread he wrote yesterday, saying that when you RT a Trump rant, even if you're calling him out, you're just helping him, so don't do it. This is a variant of a 2016 piece I wrote, where I explained how trolling works. Yet last night, on MSNBC, they obsessed over the idiotic tweets Trump put out in real time. Instead of focusing on some really big news that had come out. (Sarcasm follows.) Gee I wonder if that's a coincidence? ?

I have a new policy. If you quote-tweet Trump, I will unfollow you. I will also break one of my own rules in doing so (Don't slam the door on the way out) and will warn you once or twice. Then it's goodbye. I wish everyone would do this. Then the well-intentioned idiots who add velocity to Trump's tweets might get an idea that it costs them followers to give flow to Trump, and might stop doing it.

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