Posted on: February 7, 2019

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On yesterday's Daily podcast they went through the confusion about the kids who appeared to be harassing the Native American veteran singing at the Lincoln Memorial. The lesson we keep learning is that you can't always tell what happened considering only one or two points of view. This is the mistake journalism keeps making, assuming there's a Democrat and Republican view and nothing else. They miss a lot of other points of view that matter, such as the view of their readers/viewers. We're not in DC, and we're not running for president, and we're not going to win or lose, but we still need info. Isn't that why you all do the news?? In the Wilbur Ross story they omitted important information. They wanted to make Ross look bad, but actually he was making a good point. Maybe run a piece for the furloughed employees listing their options, which I'm learning (through my tweet below, not through the news) are developing. A smaller point, but also important, sometimes people we don't like say things that are true and important.
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